The monitoring station is what alerts the homeowner and the authorities that the alarm has been triggered at your home. This is the key to keeping your home secure. A home with an installed alarm that does not subscribe to a monitoring service will not by itself notify anyone, including the authorities. B&D Security Inc. works with Monitronics Central Monitoring Station to provide the best monitoring system available.

Monitronics Central Monitoring Station is 5-Diamond Certified by the CSAA. This means Monitronics’ team of professional emergency response representatives and state of the art monitoring technology are ready 24/7 to notify both you and law-enforcement when there is a breach in your security.

Monitronics Central Station Options and Features:

Protect your home and family with the instant alerts. Monitronics uses the most sophisticated central receiver station to alert you of a home invasion. No phone lines needed. When tripped, the alarm sends a signal through your Internet connection alerting the monitoring station, which in turn, notifies you (and the authorities if necessary).

Cellular backup and Cellular primary communication make it possible to connect to Monitronics Central Station without a landline, or if your landline is down.

Two-Way voice communication allows you to speak directly with Monitronics Central Station representatives through a built in microphone on the alarm keypad.

Dependable and Reliable. Triple redundant alarm processing servers and dual backup generators ensure that you’re Monitoring Service and equipment will be ready to help when you need them most.

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