why do we have so many satisfied customers?

My name is Robert Selleck Jr. I recently had an alarm put it in my home.  My father Robert had just installed a system for his home.  He told me how happy he was about getting the protection he needed for my mom and sister.  The sales team and the installer were able to explain in detail all the benefits of having a Security System.  I was contemplating on getting one but I did not know whom to go to.  When I heard that my father had gotten B & D security, I had a system installed in my home as well.  I was very pleased with the performance of the system; as well as the overall service. They were very punctual and professional.

 I really would recommend everyone to have a Home Security System; it gives me a peace of mind.  I would highly recommend anyone looking into getting a Home Security System, to go through the same experience I had, and my family.

Best wishes to your success of your business.

Robert Selleck

"My name is Aurora. I am very happy with my alarm system.  B&D has provided me with very good service. Three of my neighbors have the same service and they are as happy as I am.  There’s been an occasions were the alarm has been activated and Monitronics has responded promptly. I am very happy and I would recommend the service.  It is very important to have an alarm system. I can leave my home without any concerns.  I come home really happy because I know I am protected.  I can sleep comfortable at night because I know the alarm system will protect my family and me. I appreciate the service and I would recommend B&D."


"Hello, my name is Ricardo Fernandez.  I had Monitronics for couple of years and I’m very happy with the service.  I feel really safe having the alarm system and there services are really great.  The times I needed them they been there for me.  I highly recommend them."

Ricardo Fernandez

"Hello, my name is Alice Blackburn. I live in Perris, California.  I did business with Monitronics. I found them to be a very responsible, reliable, and a very courteous company. They were very prompt and considerate.  They did everything possible to make sure that I was satisfied as a customer.  Anything that I was not satisfied with they did their very best to correct it.  I would refer them to anybody including my family and friends.  I think anyone that does business with B&D would be very happy. I have no complains whatsoever.  I am satisfied with everything. I can’t say anything but good things about B&D. They have my kudos and anybody else that I can get for them I would be very happy to refer them.  Thank you very much."

Alice Blackburn

why do we have so many satisfied customers?

"I decided to install an alarm because I live alone and decided since I retired I am at home most of the time, this would be a good thing for me to do. This alarm system will be a good thing to have to make me feel safer in my home. The installation and instructions were both done very well and a great help to me. Thank you B&D Security."

Mary Boulton

"My name is Chris Jordison and I decided to get an alarm system from B&D Security because first of all, my family’s safety is invaluable. Also I want to protect our possessions as well. The low cost of owning a system and service far outweights the possibility of an unwanted break in and theft. I should have done this years ago!"

Chris Jordison

"Cuando instala el Alarma en la casa fue muy rápido y Oscar me explico como functinoaba todo. Hoy en día puedo decir que me siento mas segura en mi Hogan."

Yesenia Lainez

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