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Security System Insights From Southland Police and Sheriff’s Departments

Posted by: phoenix on December 20, 2013

My B&D Security found this useful information that California Southland Police and Sheriff’s Departments
have prepared. This list is intended to provide you with a basic knowledge of alarm systems
to give you insight into considerations you should have in mind when assessing alarm companies.
Case studies revel most burglars are deterred by the mere presence of an alarm system.
Burglars attack unprotected homes considerably more often than homes protected by
alarm systems, so an alarm system can greatly minimize your losses.
Though an alarm system is an excellent defense, the best defense is through a
combination of efforts:
1. Participation in Block Watch and Operation Identification.
2. Solidly built doors hung on well-fitted doorframes.
3. Doors properly secured with high quality dead bolt locks with a 1” throw.
4. Windows that will resist forced entry via auxiliary locking devices.
5. Use of proper lighting.
6. Use of a quality burglar alarm system. 

Many Police and Sheriff’s Departments have been plagued by false alarms and
consequently have had to resort to false ordinances. Most ordinances require alarmed
homes or businesses to file an Alarm/Emergency Response Card with the Police/Sheriff’s
Department and provide for a series of fines to be levied against those homes or
businesses with excessive false alarms. Therefore, it is important that you get (and
maintain) a good, reliable system.
The type of system that will be best for you depends on many different factors – your
security needs, type of valuables, type of premises to be protected, your life-style, and
animals in the home, etc.
It is important to shop around. What may appear to be an alarm system “bargain” could
actually prove to be a severely compromised or extremely limited alarm system.
At My B&D Security we are here provide you with QUALITY Home Security and for that we know
that you and your family will find PEACE OF MIND with our systems!

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