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Safety Tips Part I

Posted by: admin on January 26, 2012

While violent crime rates continue to drop around the country, property crimes are on the increase.  In fact, the latest round of crime statistics for the United States is quite sobering.

Last year alone there were 2,222,196 burglaries – that’s one break in every 14 seconds!  Those burglaries lasted, on average, just 90 seconds each and cost home owners over $2,000 (not including the cost for home repairs).

If that’s not scary enough 28% of those burglaries happened when one or more of the occupants were at home.  Intruders aren’t as wary about breaking in when you’re around as you may think.

In fact, much of what you think you may know about burglaries is wrong.  Most break-ins occur in residential homes, not businesses.  And these heinous criminals aren’t lurking in the shadows and picking your locks to get at your stuff.  85% of burglaries happen in broad daylight (between 10 AM and 3 PM) and most (up to 2/3) of those intruders gain access to the home through an unlocked window or door.

Here at B&D Security we strongly believe that education is the key to your safety and security and we’re committed to protecting you, your loved ones, and your belongings.

So what can you do to protect yourself, your family, and your possessions from this unrelenting assault?  Here are 5 tips from B&D Security you can use to stay safe.

  1. Consider an alarm system – finding the perfect system that fits your needs is key.  They don’t have to cost a lot of money either.  Something as simple as a few motion sensors or a couple of security cameras may be all you need to deter any potential burglar.
  2. Lock your doors and windows – it sounds silly but most burglars get into houses unimpeded through unlocked doors and windows.  Always lock everything – even when you’re home – to prevent unwanted visitors.
  3. Examine your doors and windows – Are your locks as strong as you think?  Consider installing metal or heavy wood doors on all entryways and always install a deadbolt.  Be sure that the deadbolt you select extends at least one inch into the door’s jamb and if your lock is within 40 inches of a window you may want to install a double-cylinder deadbolt (which requires a key to open from the inside as well).  You can also install keyed locking devices on all of your windows, just be sure that family members know where they can find keys if an emergency arises.
  4. Be smart with information security – never leave a message on your answering machine, Facebook, MySpace or other social media sites about going away for vacations, extended weekend trips, or even quick runs to the grocery store.  To burglars these are like advertisements for blue light specials at your house.
  5. Install automated or timed switches – lights, televisions, and even radios can be turned on remotely or via timer to make it appears as if you are home when you’re not.  This may not keep hardcore burglars out but it will deter opportunistic thieves looking for a quick payday.

Check back next week to learn 5 new safety tips you can start using right away to keep your home and family safe.


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