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Protecting Your Home Electronics in the Southland!

Posted by: phoenix on January 5, 2014

Home Entertainment Centers and Burglars

As a homeowner we don’t think that we have in anyway created an invitation for a burglars to target our home. That said, there are some things you might be doing that attract the attention of potential thieves. When burglars scope out a neighborhood to find the best target, here is one feature that they always look for:


A Burglar always looks for Living-Room Windows that are open

Seeing your giant TV from outside your window can be cool, but it makes your home an open target for burglars, as it shows you have quality items in your home. So keep the television or entertainment systems away from a window. Choose were you display your Home Entertainment Center or TV wisely, so wandering eyes don’t see what you can afford to spend money on. The same goes for your home security systems.

Food for thought if you have your home security system hooked up near a window, potential burglars can see if is armed from outside. To avoid this problem try getting the My B & D Securities cellular / mobile package. Arming or disarming your burglar alarms remotely just got easier!


This article has been brought to you by My B & D Security where you will find Peace of Mind when using our systems, to protect your families and businesses! Contact us to get a free consultation today!




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