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Preparing Your Southern California Home with Safety In Mind

Posted by: phoenix on January 20, 2014

Its something I never thought about but where do you go for support after your home has been burglarized?


Do I get protection? What kind of protection do I get? How do I leave the house without being completely scared? Is there a support group?
There’s nothing that prepares you for home robbery. Burglars don’t stick a “So You’re About to Be a Home Invasion Victim” pamphlet in your mailbox a few days before they come to your house. Burglary is a scenario you don’t think about until it happens to you, it’s something that only happens to other people. Besides, if you lock your windows and doors, what more can you do besides never leave the house? And even then, your home might get robbed.


Recently I was reading my wall posts on Facebook and a friend from high-school, married with children now, wrote a unsettling post that I felt was worth exploring:


“To the scumbag that violated our safe haven today and left our house in shambles and stole our belongings, may karma bite you in the ass. I’m so thankful that my family is safe an I’m sorry that my parents and daughter had to come home to a nightmare. I count my blessings daily and I’m blessed that we are safe and that’s our silver lining… But I feel violated, paranoid and straight up pissed the hell off.” – respectfully anonymous


Its important to follow your gut and as my dear friend says says “Tie your Camel” and your home is your Camel!


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