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How to Reduce False Alarms

Posted by: admin on January 26, 2012

At B&D Security we recognize that false alarms are going to happen.  But we believe that by educating the public about the common triggers and steps everyone can take to avoid triggering false alarms, we’ll be able to save everyone time so that more efforts can be directed to actual emergencies.

Here are some examples of what often triggers false alarms throughout the year and especially during the Holidays:

  • hanging of banners, decorations, balloons, etc
  • guests staying at your home
  • employees at the office unfamiliar with your alarm system
  • a loose door or window
  • failure to disarm the alarm system when entering a protected area
  • triggering a motion sensor by turning on a heater, air conditioner or ceiling fan

We’ve found that by taking the following steps many false alarms have been avoided:

  • clarify verification procedures with your alarm company
  •  rehearse alarm cancellation procedures with authorized users
  • check motion sensors
  • check the batteries of your alarm system at recommended intervals
  • have your alarm company check your equipment
  • have your alarm company check that sensors are properly aligned and secured
  • notify your alarm company prior to testing your system
  • update your alarm company each time there is a change to the contact information originally provided (i.e. work or cell phone number change)

If you can’t seem to identify why your alarm system is malfunctioning and/or triggering an alarm we recommend you notify your alarm company immediately.


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