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Extra Security for Our Windows

Posted by: phoenix on March 2, 2014

Doors are easy to burglar-proof. You throw on a couple of hardened-steel locks using pencil-sized screws, and you’re all set. Windows are little more complicated. The main question to ask yourself is whether you need just a secure lock for the window or you want to protect the entire opening with a Home Security System.

Things that work well in conjunction home security systems that also help delay and, ideally, deter thieves is standard window or patio door latches. Because you may need to exit through locked windows and doors yourself in an emergency, if you use a window lock, keep the key near it, but hidden from outside view. When possible, buy all latches from the same manufacturer so that the keys will be interchangeable.

If local fire code permits it, further improve security by replacing single glazing with polycarbonate or wire-embedded glass. In some cases, you may even want to install security shutters, a grill, or a security gate.

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