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Burglars and Our Mail – Helpful Tips to Keeping Your Home Safe

Posted by: phoenix on January 5, 2014

 Criminals are Attracted to Piling Mail, Newspapers and Full Boxes

How many of us are guilty for letting the mailbox get full? When you go on vacation, ask a trusted friend or relative to bring in mail and papers. This way, the mailman will come by as usual. The absence of the regular paper boy may tip off a burglar that you canceled your mail, which also shows you’re out of town. Activity is your friend!

Is your name on your mail box? Did you know that  taking your name off of your mailbox is one way to not give thieves access to your life. Tech-savvy criminals can use your name to find your landline phone number to determine if you are home or not. Experts say if you must label your mailbox, consider using your last name.

60% of burglars admitted to performing more than one robbery in 24hrs and hitting multiple homes–  so encourage your neighbors to take similar actions to prevent a string of neighborhood burglaries.

Burglar Tipoff - Mailbox Full

Burglars are tipped off that you are away when your mailbox is full

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